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  • Archivebox - Open source self-hosted web archiving.
  • The Copy as Markdown browser extension for Google Chrome.
    • This is a must-have tool for referencing bits of documentation when writing in Markdown.
  • Datasette
    • for log analysis
    • basic search of large amounts of text (with ripgrep-search for datasette).
  • glow is a CLI-based Markdown renderer. I love it.
  • 😴 Insomnia is...
    • a graphical REST API client
    • with "generate code" functionality.
  • jless - A CLI for exploring JSON and YAML data.
  • ripgrep - ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore.
  • I 💖 adore for great terminal schemes for so many terminal emulators, including my favorites:
  • WTFutil - the terminal dashboard.

Cloud Tools

I wrote about the tools I added to my toolbox during the course of 2022.