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🌵 Succulents 🌴

I use succulents indoors and outdoors. For context, I live in Zone 5B on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

🏜️ Succulents I like...

Sedum morganium

This is an absolute favorite that I love to propagate.


I absolutely adore plants in the Sempervivum Genus. I have multiple generations of Sempervivum in containers and hanging baskets around my house. They survive through the frost and snow, changing colors between burgundy and green along the way.

There are a number of fun names for Sempervivum tectorum:

  • Jupiter's eye
  • Thor's beard
  • thunderplant

👍 I recommend this plant for beginners!

  • It is usually reasonably priced.
  • It requires very little care when kept outside. In the right conditions, it can thrive outside with no care.

Read Here's Why Hens and Chicks Succulents Are One of Our Favorite Varieties for more info.

🏜️ Planting succulents

You will notice that there's often special soil available for succulents (and cacti, palms and citrus plants). I do recommend using a soil meant for succulents where possible. You don't want the succulent soil to retain a lot of moisture and the special soil is formulated for that purpose.

As an alternative, you can totally use regular potting soil. I would recommend mixing in some Perlite, if you do proceed in that direction.