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🎧 Podcasts!

I recommend these podcasts.

These podcasts mean a lot to me. I freely and highly recommend them.

I like these podcasts...but recommend them with caution.

They're pretty good but there's something that prevents me from freely recommending them.

  • Podcasts by Parcast like Female Criminals, Crimes of Passion, Serial Killers, Cults, et cetera.
    • If reenacments aren't your thing, look elsewhere.
    • The ads are a bit much, especially for a Spotify exclusive podcast.
  • Podcasts by Wondery like American Scandal
    • A bit formulaic. Great if you like the formula.

The 2022 version of Spotify Wrapped is coming. A splash page is up at the URL as of this writing. Last year's Spotify Wrapped is still available at

Update: it's here!