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πŸ‘‹ Hello, world! My name is Brie Carranza. This is my personal digital garden. It's built using some of my favorite tools: Markdown files versioned in git, edited with vim and Obsidian (or with GitJournal on my phone), stored in a git repository on, deployed in a GitLab CI pipeline to GitLab Pages with MkDocs.

The site you are viewing is the version that is updated via repository mirroring and offered atπŸ”–

😎 Cool Things around this Site

Monthly Notes

Remarkable and noteworthy items that I took notes on, by month

πŸ”– Favorite Articles and Pages -- around the Internet

  • Just for fun. No, really.
    • I found this initially on HN and I πŸ’– love it! I am an enthusiastic person by nature. That enthusiasm can be diminished when it's not shared but that site serves as a great reminder that it's OK.
    • Is it worth writing about? (Probably!)
    • Redactle Unlimited a variant of Redactle, itself a variant of Wordle. Redactle Unlimited has a multiplayer mode that's lots of fun.

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