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I started the Citizen Developer learning path in Google Cloud Skills Boost in December 2022.

Citizen Developer

🍏🐑 AppSheet Overview

It looks like you can use Google Sheets as a data source.

This falls in the general category of no-code application development.

Cited advantages of no-code application development include: - Faster time to deployment - Reduced IT backlog - End users don't have to wait for someone more technical to get to it. - Anyone can be a developer! - Improved security - Safeguards are built-in. - Cleaner data - Validate input data (this prevents a problem where a phone number was handwritten with too few digits, for example) - Less paper - This is a great way to digitize paper-based processes. - Increased productivity

No-Code Platforms

What is AppSheet?

Collect data. Process data. Share data insights. For external or internal purposes. Great for in the field stuff (fleet management), on the floor (inventory management), with customers (event management) and in the office (IT ticketing)!

AppSheet Use Cases

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Customer experience: appointment management, check-in and check-out


Using AppSheet

  • Sign in at
  • Each page you see is known as a view.
  • For setting up automation:
    • A workflow runs when triggered by a certain action.
    • A report runs on a periodic schedule.
  • You can test the app in App Sheet and on a range of other devices to give it one last review before deployment.