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These are some of my favorite prompt starters for 🤖🎨 Computer-generated art prompts and responses 🎨🤖 with use with MidJourney.

/imagine prompt

These are some fun prompt fragments to get started with:

  • ____, in the style of hr giger
  • cute fluffy tabby cat ____
  • sunlight streaming through the window
  • neon cables glowing and flowing
  • _____ before the universe
  • ____ propaganda poster
  • --ar 9:16
    • I use this to generate phone wallpapers. The default is a square (equivalent to --ar 1:1).
  • --ar 2:3 --v 4
    • This is the best way to generate phone wallpapers with v4 as of December 2022.

I think the following two are must-reads:

If you have more time: