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What is my IP?

My usual approach is curl In the Connecting to Cloud SQL: Public IP and authorized networks codelab, I found this cool alternative:

dig ANY +short -4

Managing Cloud SQL Instances

gcloud sql instances create sql-codelab-00 --database-version=POSTGRES_11 --tier=db-f1-micro --region=<REGION> --authorized-networks=<AUTHORIZED_IP> --root-password=<PASSWORD>

The public IP address of the instance will be printed once that command is successful. If you've created the Cloud SQL instance via the Web interface, you can use Connect to this instance once the instance has been created.

🧼 Clean Up

  • Disable the sqladmin API

Material's Communication Principles: Intro to UX Writing

UX writing (UXW) is also called Content Strategy or Content Design.

It's somewhere between formal writing and speech. It's constrained by screen real estate. Write for the way people read. Test, tweak, edit.

Write simply and directly. It's a goal oriented style that deprioritizes grammar. - Save changes? is way beter than Would you like to save your changes?.

Communicate only the essential details. (Make the others available somewhere.)

Know your audience.

A tone map helps plan and document a strategy for adjusting your voice and tone.

Embrace progressive disclosure where information is revealed contextually and as needed.

Hmm, they recommend Click Continue and not Click the Continue button.

A content matrix isΒ a table for tracking the words and choices you'll use and reuseΒ in your writing.

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