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🤖🎨 Computer generated art prompts and responses 🎨🤖

I mostly use Midjourney.

I built using art generated with Midjourney v4. I blogged about the process.

A list of some prompts (full and partial) is linked and a gallery of some of my favorite results follows.

raven sitting on a Branch full moon, giger

psychedelic tabby cat


play rock music cat propaganda poster


September 2022

a halloween desk with a floating moon, beautiful woman sitting, spooky lighting


October 2022

For Halloween, I experimented with the prompt fluffy black pumpkin halloween cute, here are some of my favorites:

midjourney/bbbbbbbbrie_fluffy_black_pumpkin_halloween_cute_upscaled00.png midjourney/bbbbbbbbrie_fluffy_black_pumpkin_halloween_cute_upscaled01.png midjourney/bbbbbbbbrie_fluffy_black_pumpkin_halloween_cute_upscaled02.png midjourney/bbbbbbbbrie_fluffy_black_pumpkin_halloween_cute_upscaled03.png midjourney/bbbbbbbbrie_fluffy_black_pumpkin_halloween_cute_upscaled04.png

November 2022

I started using v4 almost exclusively. Especially now that I can do --ar 2:3.